Boat Quay

Canninghill Piers Condo Mix Development

Canninghill Piers Condo Mix Development

Boat Quay is an excellent location to enjoy a holiday in Singapore. It has everything that a holiday tourist would dream of. Bars, pubs and nightclubs are available in Boat Quay, which is ideal for those people who want to hang around after their day out at the beach. Boat Quay is an old fortification located on the sea-side. A visit to this place will be a unique experience as it is very different from other places in Singapore.

Amenities available at the Boat Quay

If you are looking for good food and dining experiences, then Boat Quay Singapore is perfect for you. There are many restaurants and bars in Boat Quay, serving variety of international cuisine and local cuisines. In addition to this, entertainment is never far away. There are many entertainment outlets in Boat Quay, including live performances by well-known artists and DJs, pubs and nightclubs, bowling centers, movie theatres, pubs, discotheques and bars. The location is also near to Canning Lane which is located near to Canninghill Piers by City Developments Limited and Capitaland. It is a mix development with residential and commercial component.

Located close to the Orchard Road shopping district, Canninghill Piers area has many different options for dining and shopping for the traveler. There are many places to purchase cheap designer dresses and accessories. The International Motorcycle Museum is just a short taxi ride away and there are many great museums nearby, including the Art and Natural History museum and the National museum. A great way to experience Singapore is by taking a tour of the various historical places of interest located in Canninghill Piers area. This will allow you to really discover the true beauty of Singapore.

Boating is one of the most popular activities in Singapore. And if you are looking for some fun in the sun, you should go boating in Singapore. There are many boats in Singapore for rent, which can give you a chance to go boating in Singapore. The water in Singapore is warm all year round. So if you love water sports, then Singapore is just the place for you.

Marina Bay available at Boat Quay

There are various entertainment spots in and around Boat Quay. The Marina Bay is the best spot for shopping enthusiasts. There are numerous shopping complexes in close proximity to Boat Quay. These shopping complexes are packed with a variety of electronic gadgets and clothing, ready to be purchased by anyone who walks in.

Restaurants in Boat Quay provide delicious food, with an array of cuisines to choose from near to Canninghill Piers. You can have a full meal or just snacks here. There are also several restaurants and night clubs. All of these serve drinks and live music. Apart from these, there are numerous bars and entertainment options, where you can enjoy some quiet time.

Night life in Boat Quay is vibrant, with hundreds of bars and restaurants. Many of the restaurants here have special menus for boating enthusiasts. Some of them open up for lunch and dinner. There are also plenty of seafood restaurants, where you can try out a varied range of dishes. Some of these restaurants are located within walking distance to Boat Quay.

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