Funan Mall

Canninghill Piers Location at City Centre CDL

Canninghill Piers Location at City Centre CDL

Owned and operated by CapitaLand Mall Trust Management, Funan mall in Singapore is a one-stop, futuristic-looking 6 storey shopping complex. Book your parking slot online through your mobile beforehand, have your lunch at KOPItech even booked via Facebook Messenger or even buy your groceries hassle freely at FairPrice Finest supermarket, it offers it all. It is located at 107 North Bridge Road in Downcore Core, Singapore.

If you are there for shopping, the Love, Bonito store offers you a variety of clothes to pick from. You pick up the dress you have chosen, book the on-demand stylist, and avail yourself of a slot for the electronic queuing system to try it in the fitting room. Waiting for your turn, you can try an augmented reality walkway photos and share them on social media with your friends. Opened to the public on 28 June 2019, Funan was created differently right from the inception. It a new-gen mixed-used development comprising retail, office, and co-living components that appeal to digitally-savvy consumers pursuing a quality life in artistic and ecological settings. Please see the location of Canninghill Piers location at River Valley Road.

The building is called Canninghill Piers Condo at Singapore River by City Developments Limited. Located off the Singapore River, this three-story luxury condominium has an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and large indoor pool. The unit has a two-storey courtyard with a fountain and children’s playground. The unit has two bedroom suites with spacious interiors, a home office and game room.

Funan Mall close to Canninghill Piers location at Singapore River

This shopping mall is one of its kind comprising of six passion themes- Tech, Craft, Play, Fit, Chic, and Taste. CapitaLand incorporated it all in one space. Enactment, linking, association, and experimentation are all available at Funan for shoppers to explore and retailers to be innovative in a dynamic environment.

This mall is built to meet the needs of customers of all ages and interests. For instance, the gaming zone is a fundamental differentiator of the mall and is well-equipped, arranged in a tournament style, and complete with Legion peripherals, allowing customers to immerse themselves in full gaming mode.

Amenities and shops at Funan Mall

Working at Funan is a dream come true. Upon entering the twin-block office, you go through a facial recognition system that ensures security. Done for the day, you wait for the lift, and facing you is the digital ad board, advertising different products from different retailers, all on one page. If you get bored, somehow, you can reach up the top floor to have some fresh air, situated there is an urban farm that grows vegetables, spread over 5,000 sq. ft. operated by Edible Garden.

The world is seemingly converging to a ‘phygital’ environment where physical and digital are coming together and malls like Funan can help wake the retail sector to discover and learn the needs of customers. CapitaLand aims at supporting retailers in taking up opportunities in the brave new world of bricks-and-clicks.

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