Mariott International Hotel Singapore is located in the middle of the bustling business district of Central Business District (CBD). It is conveniently situated within walking distance of major shopping centres, the entertainment district and the country’s main international airport. Mariott is also right next to the popular Night Safari park, Universal Studios Singapore, the Pet Porpoise Pool and Singapore Zoo. If you are looking for accommodation with a view to these popular attractions and more then you need to book your hotel at Marotties. The location, the amenities and all round pleasantness of the Marotties present itself as a perfect choice for your Singapore holiday. Mariott Hotel is located near to District 09 properties such as Canninghill Piers located at River Valley Road near to Liang Court enbloc.

If you are wondering why there is a need for such a large building here, the answer is simple. It is not uncommon for people to invite their friends over and have dinner and then head straight to one of the luxury condos here. Singapore offers great dining and drinking opportunities as well. Canninghill Piers Sentosa Island offers amazing nightlife as well as beach parties, which is another reason why you will find many people staying here. There are also some lovely golf courses in this area. So, you can rest assured that you will always have something to do.
Canninghill Piers surroundings are very picturesque and the surrounding natural beauty is stunning. The Sentosa Island features the world’s largest artificial lagoon. The Canning Hill Piers, on the other hand, offers a panoramic view of the city and river. It is also home to Singapore’s most popular attraction – the underwater Singapore Zoo.

Dining – Mariott International Hotel offers you an excellent dining experience with over 25 different restaurants from which to choose from. All the restaurants are well presented and the food quality is very good. There are many eateries from Italian to Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Kebab and many other types of cuisine. The Indian restaurants at Mariott International Hotel are especially recommended if you are a food lover. They are located all across the location in the Orchard road area.

Dining at Mariott International Hotel will fill your stomach with some of the best food you have ever tasted. Their buffet every day will leave you wishing you were here to eat. They serve some of the best kebabs and rice dishes you have ever had. They also have a wide range of Italian pastas and pizzas. The Thai and Chinese restaurants are also very popular with visitors. Most of these restaurants are open all day and provide delicious food.

Dining and Shopping – If you are looking for a good place to shop or just want to go away for the night then you won’t go wrong with the Mariott International Hotel. They have many independent boutiques from where you can get your favourite pair of designer jeans, polo shirt and some of your favourite branded handbags. There are also many fine antiques and jewellery stores in the vicinity. These stores also sell some unique souvenirs to take home as gifts. The hotel also has a small but extremely cozy bar and lounge area where you can have your drinks, chat with fellow travellers and enjoy the quiet.

International Resorts and Hotels – Mariott International Hotel is easily accessible by an international airport and rail connections. You can reach the hotel by land, sea or air. The resorts are well serviced by air. The luxury Singapore hotels such as the Hilton Singapore, Hyatt Singapore and the Marriott Singapore are located nearby. The Marina Bay Sands is also a good choice for budget travellers. The location is centrally located and there are many shopping centres and entertainment centres within a walking distance.

Entertainment and Sports – The Marina Bay is one of the best Singapore locations for entertainment and sports. There are many amusement parks and water parks around the area. Some of these parks have inbuilt gyms, bowling alleys, arcades, playgrounds and restaurants. A trip to the Sentosa Island is also very popular among tourists. It is a popular tourist spot for surfers and sailors.

Shopping and Nightlife – There are many shopping centres and nightlife options in the area. The nightlife here is pretty lively with many bars, restaurants and discotheques open late. The prices here are relatively cheaper than most tourist destinations. There are many luxurious malls and shopping centres in the area. One of the best malls is the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

All in all, if you are looking to have an unforgettable Singapore holiday, then consider staying at Mariott International Hotel. The accommodation is fairly priced and the place has a lot of natural attractions like the Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, Orchard Road and many other places to explore. Mariott International Hotel offers all the comforts and hospitality that any international hotel would provide. All in all, this is one of the better options when looking to book Singapore hotels.

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