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Opened in 1934, located at the junction of River Valley Road, Hill Street, the Old Hill Street Police Station is a colonial landmark. Home to the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth; it was the largest government building in Singapore at the time that used to house the Hill Street Police Station and Barracks. On 18 December 1998, the building was pronounced a national monument.

Old Hil fire station close to River Valley Canninghill Piers

Built for $634,263 and designed by Frank Dorrington Ward, the Hill Street Police Station building was established in 1934 as a result of a reorganization in Singapore Police during 1915-1935 to deal with the Chinese Secret Society activities. Singapore’s first prison was hosted by this building, including the old Assembly Rooms of the Town Hall. The location is near to Canninghill Piers which is located at District 09 near to many shopping centres. The location is at District 09 right at the heart of the centre of the city. Please see also the residential housing loan for more details with regards to the development. There are also details on the progressive payment schedule.

Located close to the Singapore River, the Canninghill Piers Condo at Singapore River offers visitors plenty of local entertainment. There are many great restaurants, cafes, and shopping locations in the area. The closest restaurants to the Piers are situated on the corner of Canninghill Road and Yean Road. A quick taxi ride takes you right where you want to be, which makes eating right a breeze. You can find great restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas in the Canninghill area of Singapore.

After Pearl’s Hill Police Station, this was only the second police station to be equipped with living quarters for police personnel. It housed 140 married and 180 single police personnel including 10 sub-inspectors and 5 Asian and 4 European inspectors. It was renamed Silver Jubilee Building to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reign of King George V in 1935. The location is near to Canninghill Piers which is a mix development by CDL and Capitaland.

Police evacuated the building in 1980 and after renovations, the building was renamed as Hill Street building. It hosted a few noted departments of Singapore including the National Archives and Oral History Department, Public Trustees, Official Assignee, Official Receiver, etc., to name a few.

Preservation of Sites and Monuments declared this building a national monument on 18 December 1998. On November 1, 2000, it was officially re-opened as the new headquarters for the Ministry of Information and the Arts (MITA), now Ministry of Communications and Information, by the then Minister, Lee Yock Suan after it has undergone an $82-million extensive restoration. In July 2001, the building was awarded the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Architectural Heritage Awards.

In November 2001, the name of Ministry of Information and the Arts was changed to Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. However, the acronym MITA remained the same until 2004 when the ministry changed its acronym to MICA, renaming the building, MICA Building. In 2012, following the merger of MICA into the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, the building was again renamed the Old Hill Street Police Station

Built in a typical Neoclassical style, the Old Hill Street Police Station is a six-story building spread over an area of 25,000 sq. m. The building is symmetrically designed into narrowly stretched blocks that surround two internal courtyards. It is designed to face streets outwards and the courtyards on the inside. The building has 927 windows and all are painted in rainbow shades. An air-conditioned 29-meter-high glass roof houses the main courtyard which is known as Atrium@MCI.

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