Old Hill Street Fire Station Near to Canninghill Piers

Old Hill Street Fire Station Near to Canninghill Piers

Old Hill Street Fire Station (ORFESS) is one of the busiest fire stations in Singapore. It was established in 1965. It is located on Hill Street, in the vicinity of the Museum Planning Area in the Museum Planning Zone. The station houses the civil defence’s only active fire station, the civil defence museum and the official fire museum of Singapore.

Canninghill Piers is an important retail and entertainment district in Singapore, which is a part of the older part of Canninghill Piers town. It is also one of the busiest areas in terms of commercial establishments, as it is the focal point of the business district in the city. The area is well-connected by high speed rail, so it is just a short walk to other important areas such as Clarke Quay and the Singapore River.

Canninghill Piers area offers a wide variety of stores and shopping options. Department stores such as Beni Ourina, Emporio Armani and Forever 21 are some of the popular ones around. A few blocks away from here you will find a new retail complex that is being constructed, which will offer international and local retailers with a new venue to showcase their goods. It is also the place where the Singapore Flyer, a major daily newspaper, is located.

One of the most recent developments in this area is a tower crane. This state-of-the-art structure will be able to lift heavy steel and glass panels into place on the buildings that it is in. If you are looking for a unique experience, there is an indoor water play area at the top of the tower. There is also a cafe that offers tasty coffee and delicious desserts. A very eco-friendly aspect, these buildings are constructed using salvaged materials, and they are expected to last for decades.

The ORFESS was built as a result of a plan drawn up by the civil defence during the World War II for the revival of Singapore. The plan was to make the island more fire safe by installing an effective fire station. The fire station at Old Hill Street served the purpose. Even though the station was never used for official purposes, its history and ambience have been preserved by the Singapore government. There are a number of interesting facts about this historical fire station that one can discover while visiting the place.

The significance of the fire station can be gauged from the fact that it was the only station of its kind in that part of town. Moreover, it has a unique story to tell about the role it played in the history of Singapore. On the evening of the attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, the Singapore government had asked all allied countries to send their men to help fight the raging fires. Almost all of them had come and they were housed in the fire station which was hastily constructed. The Singaporean people, in response to this call, pitched in and helped to save the lives of so many of their countrymen who were caught in the vicious blizzard that was coming down from the mountains that day.

This was the first ever Singaporean fire station. In fact, there are still many things in the station that give evidence of its historic past. For instance, there is a plaque that still has the original photographs of some of those who lost their lives in those flames. There is also a portrait of the then Chief of Police, a plaque commemorating the bravery of the Singapore army and a plaque for the man who succeeded him as the head of the local fire department, Keong Bock Ho.

The fire station is also known to have been among the first fire stations in the whole of Singapore. It served all of Singapore during the early days and it was used by the military as well. The fact that it was used by the army does not mean that it was just a place where they put out fires. In fact, it was more than that as it was also a place where they stored huge amounts of arms, ammunition and even captured enemy soldiers’ bodies.

As the years went by, the fire station was allowed to become a historical site and a tourist attraction. Today, it is open to the public and is still a popular attraction. A lot of people come to visit this historical place just to see for themselves the sights and sounds of the old times. Many people also take time to learn about the history of the place and the way things used to be in the past.

You can also learn a lot from the firemen that frequent the place. They will tell you many interesting stories about the days that they use to work there. You can also hear them talk about how the fire truck was built back in the days when no one had the money to build real fire trucks. These are the stories that many people still talk about years later. It is true that the fire station is also a historical site but what is most important is the fact that the firemen of this old school tell these tales, bringing the past alive for everyone to see.

Old Hill Street Fire Station has many stories to tell and many more to be discovered. They have also helped many families to put their past history into words. This is why it is considered a must see site by many historians and thrill seekers alike. You can find many other historical sites all around the area of your choice, so do not forget to add this place to your list of places to see in Baltimore.

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