Orchard Road Shopping Centre

Canninghill Piers Location at River Valley

Canninghill Piers Location at River Valley

Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most popular inner-city destinations, renowned for its chic, up-market shopping areas, fabulous dining and world-class restaurants. The road has undergone several makeovers in the past decade, with some newer areas being designated as shopping destinations. The road’s history goes back several decades, when a Chinese man called Ye Kung got it together with another Chinese, Kong Yip, to open what is today known as the Yaupon Market, an enormous flea market. They decided to use the place as an overnight market, to earn an income, and to also clean up. They had the foresight that their market would one day transform into one of the best-selling shopping destinations in the country.

Canninghill Piers project was launched by the Singapore government as part of its economic diversification policy. The first phase of the development involves the removal of trees on the property. This will be followed by the erection of new buildings. A planned cycle path is also being planned. The project is being developed by a renowned landscape architect, Kuan Yin.

History of Orchard Road close to the core city centre

The area was mainly an agricultural region before, but after the opening of the Keng Swee Road, it began to attract the attention of colonial powers. By the early twentieth century, Orchard Road was home to a wide variety of businesses, including a post office, a grain market, fruit selling stalls, brokering agents, fruit growing, silk screening and dry cleaning. The area is today classified into three major zones, Orchard Central, Orchard West and Orchard Valley. The area continues to expand as a result of these changes. Canninghill Piers is a new development that is located next to River Valley Road.

Directions to get to Orchard Road, you need to get off the main arterial road, which is Raffles Place. The area is serviced by several transport means, including MRT trains, buses and taxis. Taxis in Orchard Road are very reasonably priced, and there is an airport nearby at the Mandarin Oriental Plaza. Getting around the area is easy with the use of public transportation, as well as a plethora of car hire companies throughout the city.

Many shopping centres and restaurants and Orchard Road shopping centre

A trip down the Orchard Road route brings you to some interesting places. The area was once part of the Gold Coast and has connections to the Burbank and Hollywood Hills through its close proximity to these famous locations. The original Orchard Road houses the world’s largest collection of stamps. A walk down this street will give you a glimpse into the history and culture of theollywood industry. Orchard Road was also the birthplace of many famous writers and musicians.

There are various hotels in the area. Most offer visitors a choice of accommodation. These include guesthouses, serviced apartments, guest suites and hotels that are more traditionally used for business travelers. If you are looking for luxury, Orchard offers suites that boast private pools and tennis courts, saunas, fitness studios and other amenities.

Food & Drink bars and restaurants line Orchard Road. Popular eateries include Pantry Pot Pies, Baked Alaska and Bombay Baking Company. There are also many cafes, bistros and restaurants that cater to tourists.

Shopping & CultureA number of galleries and museums line the Orchard Road. These include the American Art Museum, the Huntington Art Gallery and the Essex County Museum. Orchard has also established its own niche within the art scene, with the Orchard Art Center. It offers a dedicated and comprehensive venue for artist and collector alike. The Huntington is home to the U.S. Air Force Museum.

Festivals & EventsThe Orchard region of London is host to numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Orchard Road has been a mainstay in the annual Fabric Market which occurs during November. The festival features over one hundred merchants stalls selling clothing, pottery, crafts, jewelry and antiques. This market is also the place to be seen by thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the unique and varied offerings. Other festivals include the London Pleasure Gardens; South West Shopping Festival and the London Flower Show.

For shoppers that want to do more than shop, they can visit The Grande Whisky Collection and ION Art Gallery. The Grande Whisky Collection provides visitors with an exquisite opportunity to learn about the history and secrets of Scottish whisky. While there, visitors can taste numerous varieties of whisky. The ION Art Gallery is a must-see for art enthusiasts. It exhibits modern and contemporary art and design, which includes visual, digital, and multi-media art. Orchard Road is also near to Canninghill Piers former Liang Court. More information can be found here. The development is the former Liang Court here.

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