Raffles City Shopping Centre

Raffles City Shopping Centre

The Raffles City Shopping Mall is considered as the largest shopping center in Singapore. The mall has three main floors with over two hundred shops, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor activities. The entire mall has a very unique style, with dark and large colored concrete and brick structures that create a very distinctive atmosphere. It has been built in an innovative way that has added modern elements to an old-fashioned shopping center. Due to this unique design of this mall, it offers a very comfortable and easy-going environment for shoppers. Canninghill Piers residents will benefit from this shopping mall as it is only a short drive away.

The shopping area is located on the top two floors. Most of the shops are located in the mall’s north area. There are many stores selling everything from clothes to books and electronic gadgets to clothes, shoes and accessories. Some of these stores even have a movie theater in the mall. Another important aspect of the mall is that they even offer wedding planners and event planners.

The second floor of the Raffles City Shopping Mall is where travelers can find exclusive shops that only offer designer dresses, jewelry and other high-end items. These include interior designers and tailors. The third floor has a massive food court with over three hundred seating spaces. These areas are also available to eat, drink and shop. They offer many international restaurants and barbeque bars. Anchor tenants such as Cold Storage Supermarket as well as Watson’s are located in the shopping mall

The Raffles City Shopping Center is surrounded by tall buildings. In this area is an observation tower, an airport terminal, several hotels and a convention center. This area is generally crowded with people during their peak hours, but there are direct buses and taxi services to get shoppers to and from the mall. Tourists can visit the Raffles City Shopping Center all day long; however, it is recommended that they visit the area around sundown.

For those who like shopping, you can head up to the third floor where the stores are located. This area is less noisy and crowded and there is a large parking lot outside the building. This area also offers a good view of the sunset. If you need to buy something that is not readily available in this area, you can visit nearby merchants such as Winners and JCPenny.

There are also two restaurants in the Raffles City Shopping Mall. One of these restaurants serves Asian and European cuisine while the other offers American and Caribbean cuisine. Across from the dining area is a movie theater with around one hundred and sixty-three screens. Many movies are shown here, including Hollywood blockbuster movies and family movies. There are also stage shows performed by local theater companies.

The mall is very convenient for shoppers because there are many transportation options. There is a public transportation terminal right across the street from the Raffles City Shopping Center. Buses and taxis are available twenty-four hours a day to and from the shopping center as well as Raffles City MRT Station. There is also a bus route that allows shoppers to get to the shopping center conveniently. The Raffles City Shopping Center bus passes cost nearly ten dollars and are valid for unlimited trips.

There is a hotel within the mall and a hotel across the street from it as well. The hotel offers convenient suites to people who are staying at the mall. All of the shopping in this area is going on all day and night. There are many restaurants, movie theaters, and clubs to choose from in this wonderful part of Melbourne, Australia.

This shopping center has many shops that are not even in the mall itself. These include high-end clothing stores, fashion stores, and gift shops. There are many cafes and snack bars for shoppers to enjoy while they are shopping. Many of the restaurants in the area cater to international customers as well. International food can be ordered at the various restaurants.

Many of the hotels in the area offer special discounts and packages for tourists. There are a couple of luxury shopping malls in the area as well. They are the Raffles Shopping Center Metro Square Hotel and the Raffles City Shopping Center Hotel. Both of these hotels are located next to the mall and offer excellent accommodations for travelers.

The Raffles City Shopping Center Mall is open seven days a week. On Sunday, there is even a grand opening party for the mall, which will run from noon until midnight. There are also numerous live events that happen on a regular basis at the mall. Shoppers should make sure to visit this mall if they are shopping for an excellent deal on clothing and other merchandise. They may also want to take advantage of weekly specials and sales that take place during the summer months.

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