Robertson Quay Near Singapore River

Robertson Quay

Canninghill Piers Location at Singapore River

Canninghill Piers Location at Singapore River

The name of the Barangay in Robertson Quay, Singapore is suggestive of both the ethnic Chinese settlement and the British colonial rule in Singapore. It was built in the 19th century by the then ruler Dr APJ Abdul Aziz. The name was changed to Bars International in the early part of this century. He built a wharf and a rail terminus at the mouth of the Singapore River to accommodate the growing population. Most of the original buildings have been destroyed but all of them now serve as a heritage site for the locals and a place of business for the people from outside.

Canninghill Piers close to Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay

The name of Robertson Quay means “born in haste”. It is a wharf close to the mouth of the Singapore River, which was once used by the British for ferrying convict seamen. It is now the largest upstream of all the three harbors in the river and hence is called after a prominent municipal planner Dr J M Murray Robertson. It now also has numerous pubs and restaurants as well as a plethora of entertainment outlets. These include bookstores, cinemas, bars, night clubs, restaurants, discos and discotheques.

The impressive Singapore Riverside Condominiums at Canninghill Piers is set in a relaxing scenic area of the River Walk. Canninghill Piers area is close to the Night Safari, Water Parks and entertainment venues in the nearby MRT Station and Orchard Road. Located on the ground level of a beautifully restored town house style building at Canninghill Piers, the Singapore River Condo is an excellent choice for a residential unit. This prime real estate solution will satisfy the demanding needs of both business and family members.

The Quay’s proximity to popular Singapore landmarks like the Night Safari Park and the Sentosa island has made it an ideal place for tourists seeking a place to enjoy some time alone or with their friends. There are several entertainment centres around the vicinity, including the Bioscope Cafe, which is an independent bookshop/ cafe that serves snacks and drinks. Other bars and restaurants in the vicinity are the Bamboo Bar, the Big Banana, Hump and Hummus Tea Lounge, The Happys Restaurant, the Tiger Trail and Temptations and many others.

Pubs and restaurants near to Robertson Quay

There are a variety of pubs and restaurants in the area that offer great entertainment options for visitors near to Canninghill Piers River Valley Road. The Temptations is known for its wide range of beers and wines, while the Big Banana features excellent food and its roof top pool make for a relaxing drink. The Bamboo Bar is known for its high quality burgers and seafood kebobs, while the Hummus Tea Lounge is Singapore’s best Thai restaurant. In addition to the bars and restaurants that are found on the quayside, there are many other retail outlets, including a major shopping centre, which can be found just beside Robertson Quay. The Sentosa Island Ferries operates regularly and provides travellers with a chance to view marine life off the coast of Singapore.

Tourists who want to experience a different kind of experience can opt for a walk along the ferries that head to the nearby islands of Bisho-Hubbat and Laban Rata. While on board, tourists can see the endangered manatees as they frolic in the waters of Bukit Timah and Pulau Ubin at Canninghill Piers. It also offers a unique chance to experience the local culture of this area, since locals exchange information about food, festivals. While on board, one can take a walk from the vessel to nearby Singapore Botanical Gardens to admire the flora and fauna that abound in the area.

Robertson Quay to offer great nightlife experience

For those who prefer a more urban lifestyle, Robertson Quay has a vibrant nightlife and offers an array of nightclubs and restaurants. These include the venue for popular annual events, Paradiso, which attracts some of the finest DJs and music artists from across the globe; and the now-defunct Blue Marlin, which closed down after one last concert. There are also a number of bars and cafes, as well as family-run laundromats, which remain open until late. One of the area’s main shopping areas, the Shilajit Supermarket, is located near the harbour and is one of Singapore’s busiest shopping destinations. In fact, it is one of the few places in the whole city where one can still find a semblance of Singapore’s colonial heritage for Canninghill Piers.

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