Canninghill Piers Robertson Walk Singapore

Robertson Walk

Canninghill Piers Capitaland Clarke Quay

Canninghill Piers Capitaland Clarke Quay

Amenities Around Robertson Walk

Robertson Walk is one of the most famous shopping destinations in Singapore. It is situated at the banks of the Singapore River and has an English-language shopping centre, a European-culture mall and several international eateries. The Walk offers many interesting shops and eating establishments. It is also home to the country’s first sky-walk, which was built by the British. The Walk is Singapore’s oldest public place, dating from the colonial era. The location of the Walk makes it ideal for public strolls and is very welcoming to the locals.

City Developments Limited has developed many award winning projects including the Canninghill Piers condominium at Singapore River, and several others in Singapore. These luxury apartments and villas in Singapore are high-rise apartment buildings and come with excellent views of the city. Each unit comes with its own terrace or balcony and a spacious kitchen. The units are fully furnished with top-of-the-line appliances and furniture.

Robertson Walk close to Canninghill Piers

Dining on the Robertson Walk is a delight. There are several places to dine. Some of them are The Artsy Pizzi, Cakes and Chocolates, Eat Goodie, Fourth Stafe and Thai Orchid. There are also many eateries in the nearby vicinity that serve mouth-watering Asian and international dishes.

Other shopping centres nearby include Clarke Quay Shopping Mall and Chinatown Point. The main description of the development can be found here.

Dining in the vicinity of the Walk is also not problematic. There are many popular Chinese restaurants in the area. The Artsy Pizzi has Chinese and Italian pastas, pizza and Chinese food; Cakes and Chocolates has delicious baked goodies, chocolates and cakes; Eat Goodie is known for its colourful baked treats; Fourth Stafe is known for its wide array of international coffee and snacks; Thai Orchid serves Thai and Indian food. These are just a few of the local favourites; there are plenty more locations in Singapore that can be enjoyed by walkers during the history of the Singapore River.

History of Robertson Walk close to Singapore River

One of the most important features of this place is the presence of the Singapore River near to Canninghill Piers Liang Court. This historic landmark draws millions of visitors to its bank every day. If you are wondering why the River is there, then this answer is quite simple. The Singapore River was formed by a large glacier that melted and flowed into the Singapore River. Its original destination was supposed to be the ocean but it eventually turned out to be the location of this grand shopping area.

In fact, the history of this area can be traced back to the year 17acca, the Spanish explorer brought here by the Portuguese. He established a fort here as a safe haven from the natives and the Portuguese army. Here, he established a trading post, and later on, soldiers stationed here would start fighting against the Malays and the British. The British forces were however, routed and evacuated to the mainland. However, the fort was devastated during the Second World War. Even today, the remnants are used as historical attractions and part of the Singapore heritage.

The area was again a venue for royal events during the British reign. The Robertson Family lived here for some time. They were the first ones to establish a ferry line from here to Hong Kong, which was then the last colony in the world. It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II had a personal visit here during her reign as she was busy with the constitution of her nation.

These days, the area is made up of several villages and small-town areas. The history of the area is still preserved in its original form. The streets are lined with colonial buildings that date back to various historical events. If you are a history buff, then this is the perfect place to be located. There are also some interesting museums located here where you can learn more about the history.

The neighbourhood near to Canninghill Piers former Liang Court enbloc is also famous for its nightlife. It attracts people from all over the city and even from around the world. The nearby malls and entertainment centres cater to all shopping and socialising needs. The malls are open until the wee hours and the pubs are open until the early morning. The locals and tourists are attracted to this bustling atmosphere. Hence, Robertson Walk is a must-visit place if you love shopping, eating out at restaurants, and nightlife.

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