Canninghill Piers Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

    Canninghill Piers Floor Plan Designs

    Please see the attached for more info with regards to the site and floor plans for Canninghill Piers. We will upload it here once we have the full plans for your consideration.

    This design for Canninghill Piers is done in such a way that makes it possible for them to be incorporated as outdoor living spaces. They are also made so that they have excellent views of the surrounding landscape. In addition to this, the construction materials used in building them are extremely weather resistant. The exterior finishing used on them is like that used on high end homes because it is both beautiful and sturdy.

    Canninghill Piers have an extremely distinct design but their main focus is on being luxurious. You can find all sorts of luxurious amenities, such as a sauna, large screen television, music centers, fireplaces, high end interior designer bathrooms, and numerous other options. There is even a fitness center within the condo that has a steam room. The main entrance to the condo features elegant French doors that lead directly into the patio area.

    Canninghill Piers Former Liang Court Condo Design

    The exterior of Canninghill Piers is very spectacular and you can see why the designers at architects starch these beautifully. One thing that is especially notable is the very clear glass front doors that have been chosen. The entire design has a very modern feel, which fits in very nicely at Canninghill Piers. In addition to this, the building has a lot of character with its very distinctive gables, lattice, and distinctive pillars.

    There are several unique features at Canninghill Piers former Liang Court Condo you will want to look for when you are considering purchasing a Liang Court condo. One is the fact that this condo was designed with the idea of sustainability. As a matter of fact, you can find two large parks near to Canninghill Piers that surround the condo that are perfect for families with children.