Staying Close to the Waterfront

Canninghill Piers by CDL Former Liang Court

Canninghill Piers by CDL Former Liang Court

Have you ever wanted to know why it is so important to stay close to the water when visiting Singapore? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be out on the lake, rather than in your hotel room? Are you one of those people who like to take a dip when the weather is nice? If so, then you should definitely explore the Singapore River. Here are some tips for visiting the waterfront and staying close to the water.

One of the most important benefits of staying close to the water is the variety of things that can be done on the water. Singapore is fortunate enough to have two bodies of water that are very close to each other. Singapore River and Marina Bay are within a minutes drive, while the Sentosa Island waterfront is within a short walk of Canninghill Piers. There are literally dozens of islands with beautiful scenery, restaurants, beaches and clubs, plus a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed by both residents and visitors. All of these places offer something different, which means there is something for everyone at every location.

The Canninghill Piers condo at Singapore River is a perfect place for an exciting new condominium or town home. This modern and elegant Canninghill Piers condominium at the Singapore River is set amid lush greens and trees with views of the sparkling city skyline. Canninghill Piers can also enjoy some of the fabulous water features in the area, such as the Singapore River flowing over the condos and into the Pacific Ocean. Located on a prominent south-facing corner in the trendy Geylang-Ming Building, this Canninghill Piers condominium has ultra-modern living space that offers you both open spaces and spectacular views of the city. A spacious floor plan with a number of suites that allows you to choose the size and shape of the unit that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Canninghill Piers waterfront area offers some of the best sightseeing opportunities in the city. You will get to see the skyline from your balcony. If you happen to love the water, you can do a lot of activities in the water like kayaking or boating. You can take a leisurely tour around the waterfront. Or if you like the sights and sounds of the river, you can bring along your camera and take pictures to enjoy forever.

Advantageous of Staying at the Waterfront Such as Canninghill Piers

The waterfront is also home to a great deal of nightlife and shopping, with everything from street malls to high-end boutiques lining the streets. In addition to having some of the best shopping around, Singapore River offers some of the best bars, pubs and clubs in the city.

Perhaps, the greatest reason for staying near the water when visiting Singapore is the number of parks near the downtown area. There are parks all over Canninghill Piers location that are near popular amenities such as the airfield, subway system and the downtown condos. For those who love the outdoors but don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, Canninghill Piers is a perfect place to park and walk to several of Toronto’s public beaches. These beaches are great for those who want to just relax with a newspaper or read their favourite book. If you enjoy the beach, but don’t like the crowds, you should consider staying near Clarke Quay. There are beautiful parks all around the downtown region that are within walking distance.

Activities to Do Near to Waterfront Living

Of course, not everything is about the outdoors. If you enjoy dining near the waterfront, you won’t have a problem finding some great places to go downtown. Whether you want to go out to one of the fine dining restaurants or grab a burger on your way out, there is sure to be something you enjoy during your time downtown.

A few blocks away is the Marina Bay Waterfront. Here you can stay close to the water and still be close enough to the activities happening downtown. The grounds are beautiful and there is always something to do downtown. When you stay close to the water, you can also take advantage of the shopping opportunities in Singapore. The shopping streets surrounding River Valley and Orchard are perfect for those who want to buy something unique while staying close to the action.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the waterfront when you stay near downtown Canninghill Piers. Marina Bay Sands is only a short walking distance from some of the most amazing architecture in the city. This part of Singapore has a new retail store as well as many wonderful restaurants. The area near Canninghill Piers is also quickly becoming one of Singapore’s best hotspots for art lovers and fashionistas. If you enjoy shopping, fine dining or the lively nightlife downtown, you will love being near Canninghill Piers.

When you stay close to the waterfront, you won’t be limited by travel time or parking issues. There Hillhaven are many different routes that you can take when you stay near the water. You will still get to experience all of the attractions downtown, but you won’t have to go very far. When you stay close to the water, you also get the benefits of having easy access to the rest of the city. With so much to see and do, Singapore is a great city to explore.

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Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre
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